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雷恩加尔模型:教育学essay范文:Text interpretation in teaching

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"Literature is the use of language to create images, models and personalities, and to reflect reality events, natural scenes and thought processes in language." Gorky's argument emphasizes the importance of the appreciation of language to the interpretation of texts. Through the reading of key words, it is an important goal of Chinese education to cultivate students' "experience" of literary language. To the typical language, by choosing the proper Angle to carry on the careful ponder taste, such as from the technique of expression and deep meaning of language, can guide the students to read the text well. Zhu ziqing wrote in the moonlight of the lotus pond: "the leaves are high in water, like the skirts of dancing girls in a pavilion." The use of metaphor not only wrote the state of the lotus leaf out of water, but also wrote its dynamic beauty, which aroused the readers' rich association of beauty. A "floating" character, also showed the lotus leaf under the moonlight, lotus flower that ethereal and soft appearance. It is through these representative words that the author is able to make the difficult scene appear before his eyes.
For some theoretical articles, the key of effective interpretation is to grasp the central theme of the text through the whole perception, and grasp the key, as if the whole body of the text is grasped. Teachers should have a pair of eye to find them, make their own interpretation of the can in a certain order, way, "sharing" give students reasonably, so that the students can grasp the text from the macro, without getting into the details of the discussion, lead to biased "blind an elephant". Such as Lin Geng lists in the "say" konoha, " many poems about" konoha, through summary of two artistic characteristics of "wood" word, to distinguish between "konoha" and "the leaves" in the poetry expression effect is different, brings the gist: poetry language implied. The key to guiding students to interpret the text is to grasp the main idea of the implied meaning of poetic language, and finally apply it to the practice of language.
Any literary text, to a certain extent, contains the author's thoughts, mind, emotion, imagination, inspiration, interest, personality and other complex and personal things. The interpretation of the text makes it impossible to separate from the author's subject.
A writer's writing is often done under certain circumstances. Certain creative backgrounds, specific writing opportunities, certain moods, determine the content and subject of the work are often specific. Reading literary works, if you can enter the specific situation of the author's writing, and talk with the author, "get the heart of the author", you can feel the pulse of the author's emotions and the beating of his thoughts. This interpretation will be more real and profound. For example, "the horse says", the story of the story of the story of the horse, and the importance of bole to the horse, not to mention the talent problem. If they do not focus on the writing background, has neglected the han yu encounter obstacles in official career, it is difficult to dig deeper into moral "thing" is the purpose of the author: by swift horse humiliation, metaphor power of destruction under current wizards, lamented the feudal rulers can not be identified and appointment.
Life experience is one of the important factors that affect the author writing lyric will and especially in the article, leave the reference for the author's life experience and grasp, want accurate profoundly for text interpretation, it is almost impossible. In the book of "the spine of the spine", which is not known by the author, the author can't understand how he can't remember his mother's longing for her. Without knowing the author's life experience, he can't understand why he borrowed his mother's mother when he was thinking about his mother, and the emotional expression was only "SOB" instead of "trombone".
To leave the specific language environment of the article, to explain some words and phrases in a literal sense or out of context will often affect the students' understanding of the profound meaning of the text and the comprehensive understanding of the author's intention. Therefore, it is important to interpret the text in a certain historical context. Zhu zi-qing classic masterpiece "shadow" was controversial: some students are in the process of interpretation, not only has not been touched, anti think the behavior of the father, up and down the platform to buy oranges "violated the traffic regulation", "image is not natural and unrestrained," such a distortion, is combined with the historical and cultural context to dig its connotation. To correct interpretation of text, only back to zhu zi-qing's historical context, understand their grandmother died hasten home to home, the family circumstances and the father the way of the decline of bitterness, and traditional culture "" "" "dislocation" relationship.

Read a literary text, often need to have read the text and the new text together, "through" rise, with the experience of old to new experiences, can really get a kind of beautiful enjoyment, get rich and unique reading experience. Especially for the more obscure works, by contacting the works that have already been read, and related to the interpretation, can play a difficult role.
Students in the process of text reading, are often faced with similar to the text, which naturally can induce students to produce "lenovo", when the "lenovo" cause "empathy", imperceptible middle school students took part in a writing activity. This kind of creative activity is to supplement and confirm the credibility of the author's works with his own experience, so as to better understand and accept writers and works. At the end of lu xun's "social drama", I do not know how many readers' imagination. Why would we be infected by a sense of loss? Because it touched our hearts and reminded us of our lost childhood. People add and grow this "sense of loss" through their own life experiences and give it "beauty". If the end of this sentence is deleted, the appeal of the work will be greatly reduced.
Language is the unity of tool and humanity. Human nature is to understand, understand and judge the cultural connotation embodied in the text, to realize the education function of cultural connotation, to realize the cultural influence of students' self, and to improve the humanistic quality.
"There is a time of literature", similar "a nation has a national literature". The text interpretation of different nationalities requires us to take the historical culture of different nationalities as the base point. Chekhov's chameleon reflects the curse of Russian society in the 1880s. In order to strengthen the reactionary rule of the tsar Alexander iii, he kept a group of dogs that were under the influence of seduction and maneuvering to suppress the people's services. They obeyed the law, but they did the same thing. One of the typical examples of this is the work of ocholilov. Without understanding this historical and cultural background, students cannot grasp the social significance of the "chameleon".
Many experts believe that Chinese teaching is not satisfactory, and one of the main reasons is the failure to enter the cultural level. Teachers to make the classroom full of strong cultural atmosphere, lets the student by the Chinese traditional culture and modern western advanced culture influence, and cultivate the spirit of culture, thick culture, guide the cultural behavior, must be to interpret the text from the view of culture. Wang xizhi "lanting preface", from "death is big" "pain zai" in great grief, it is not difficult to realize the authors for the joy of life is fleeting, bitterness constant helpless, life is short, jiangshan eternal grief, the emotion contains a kind of aesthetic trend of progress - the awakening of people, the awakening of life consciousness.
For text interpretation, specific to each article, we can not make the same classification teaching. Due to different life experiences, different cultural backgrounds and different psychological activities, there will be differences in the interpretation of texts. The teacher wants to act as a good guide role, clear the teaching purpose is not only in order to make the students read the text, is more effective to stimulate students' interest, cultivate the students' language sense, edify students' sentiment.

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