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1.0Introduction 介紹 電影業在世界上已存在很長一段時間。這部電影已成為人類業余時間最重要的部分之一。由于電影可以在某種程度上讓人感到愉快,因此越來越多的人選擇在星期日看電影來消
1.0Introduction 介紹
The film industry has existed for a long period of time in the world. The film has become one of the most important parts in the spare time of human beings. Since film can amuse people to some degree, more and more people choose to see a film on Sundays to kill the time. 
With the development of the film industry, more and more advanced technology has been used in the film to express the ideas of the actors or the feelings of the actresses. The film can be an effective and problematic medium for representing human interaction. On one hand, film can represent the interactions between human beings to a great extent. The film is one of the media that can express the thoughts of people. The dialogues and the scenes in the film can make the watchers feel that everything is happening in reality, which is very effective. In fact, one person is the most fundamental unit of the society, and the interactions between human beings have enabled the formation of the society. On the other hand, the ideology in the film can also be problematic in representing the human interactions. The film can be important for reflecting the interactions between human beings(Arthurs, 2003). Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the film in detail to understand the film and the human interactions more deeply. The essay will mainly analyze the Sex and City 1 to interpret the topic in detail. 
2.0The ideology in a film電影中的意識形態
2.1The definition of the ideology意識形態的定義
The film industry has been known in the 20th century. As a kind of social medium, it can influence the politics, the economy, and the culture of a country to a great extent. The most essential element in a film is the ideology, for the ideology can be expressed in the film by several methods, such as the place, the dialogues and the actions vividly(Rebecca, 2011). 
As to the definition of the ideology, it can be seen as a group of ideas that can form one’ aims, wishes, and behaviors. The ideology can be very complex, which includes the way of viewing at things. It has been discussed in some philosophical trends. The ideology can influence the development of a society obviously through the actions or behaviors of all the social members(Arthurs, 2003). In the film, the ideology can be very obvious, for the film is not as long as the life of human beings. The ideology can be concluded in the end of the film easily to some degree(Akass, 2004). The ideology can also be used to affect the politics and the economy to a great extent. In most cases, the matters in a society can be concluded to the problems in the aspect of ideology. There are several kinds of ideology system in the world, which has been displayed in the progression of the society and the world(Rebecca, 2011). 
As can be seen, the ideology plays a great role in the daily life of human beings, which can be influential to the society and the economy as a whole. The film is one of the social media, and the ideology in the film is the main factor that decides whether the film is effective or problematic in representing the human interactions. 
2.2The reflection of the ideology in a film
With the development of the industry, especially in the technology in shooting and making the films, the ideology in a film has become more and more comprehensive to some degree. One film can be considered as a kind of miniature of the whole life of a person, which can be felt and viewed(Martha, 2005). All the feelings that have been expressed in the film can make the audience attentive in watching the plots. The plots in the film, nowadays, have become more and more real with employment of the advanced technology(Akass, 2004). In a word, the reflection of the ideology in a film is of great importance to the effects of the film in representing the human interactions. 
3.0The film—Sex and the City and the human interaction
3.1 The brief introduction on the Sex and the City 
The film Sex and the Cityhas been presented to the film market in the year of 2008. This film is very popular in the world, for it has offered a fabulous miniature of 4 white women in the plots, which is very attractive to the audience. The diverse lives of 4 different white women are fascinating in the film, and all the four white women have received perfect education(Bell, 1995). They are considered as the upper class in New Yorkin the film plot. One actress in the film is Carrie, and her life is related to a rich guy named Mr. Big to a great degree. Miranda, who is a woman purchasing the career attentively, is a lawyer, and she spares no effort to be a qualified mother at the same time. In the film, Charlotte is the representative of the traditional people in the society, and she just wishes to own a perfect and gorgeous family, which is the whole dream of her life(Paul, 2005). Samantha is very open-minded, and she has the idea that sex is more important that all the things in the relation between a man and a woman. The human interactions in the film mainly center on the gender and love. The four typical type of women have been depicted vividly in the movie, which has represented the human interactions to a great extent. 
3.2 The concept of human interactions
Human interaction means the communications between one person and another person or one group of persons and another group of persons. The human interaction is one basic instance of the interactive communication that is very comprehensive. Human beings can communicate or interact with each other through the physical actions, discourse, or some external tools. With the development of the technology in modern times, people can communicate or interact with one another on the phone, on the computer or on TV(Bell, 1995). Time is passing by, and the human interactions become more and more complicated in recent years. There are many kinds of people in the world, and everyone has different characteristics. As one old saying goes, there is no identical pieces of leaves in the world. The interactions between human beings are not same in any moment or at any place(Gilpatric, 2010). It is necessary to analyze the human interactions more deeply to contribute to the harmony of the society and the whole world. The film is one of the methods to represent the human interactions to some degree(Benshoff, 2004). However, the film, after all, is not the reality. Therefore, the film can represent the human interactions effectively or problematically. 
3.3 The film is an effective medium
The movie, as one kind of social media, can represent the human interactions in an effective way. The film has been made to amuse people to some degree, but it has been based on the reality(Gauntlett, 2008). Some fictional films are not useful to represent the human interactions to some extent, for the scientific movies have been based on the imaginary plots. Therefore, it is helpful to analyze the movie that can show the real life to some part in the essay. For instance, the film Sex and City 1 has been made to represent the lives of 4 white women. In some cases, the film has represented the human interactions to a great degree and very effectively(Bryman, 2008). 
In one scene when Mr. Big is talking about the wedding with Carrie and the wedding will be held in several days, Mr. Big is not willing to discuss the wedding at all, for he is engaged at his work at that time(Samantha, 2013). However, Carrie wishes to formulate a peculiar plan. She walks to Mr. Big, and site on the lap of him, but Mr. Big pushes her off his lap. The discourse is as follows: 

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